Keep those appliances humming.

Any brand, big or small, we offer comprehensive repair services for just about them all.

Since our inception in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1960, S & S Appliance Parts & Service has grown into Alabama, Southern Tennessee, Northern Florida and the Gulf Coast’s most extensive appliance service and repair provider. We are an elite member of the Whirlpool Factory Certified Care Network and service all major brands.

We are known for our high-quality, efficient, and reliable repair services supported by modern technological tools. We also provide warranties on our parts and services, guaranteeing our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our proficient technicians can handle a wide array of home appliances. We ensure efficient diagnosis and repairs and transparent communication to keep you updated throughout our repair process.


Let's be honest, a malfunctioning refrigerator throws a real curveball at your meal planning. Fresh food is essential, and S & S Appliance understands that. Our expert technicians are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently. In most cases, we can get your fridge back to its optimal temperature during the first visit, keeping your food fresh and worry-free.


Freezers, both residential and commercial, play a vital role in preserving food for extended periods. However, a malfunctioning freezer can lead to bacteria growth and spoilage.Our S & S Appliance technicians are highly trained in freezer repair. They utilize advanced technology to diagnose the issue swiftly and ensure your freezer gets back to keeping things frozen solid, preventing food spoilage.


Craving cookies and your oven decides to take a break? We've all been there. A properly functioning oven is crucial for whipping up delicious meals for your family or keeping your bakery business up and running. The good news is, the reliable technicians at S & S Appliance are here to help. They'll efficiently diagnose the problem and get your oven back to baking perfection, ensuring your culinary creations come to life, whether for a quick treat at home, or as the backbone of your commercial kitchen.


A stove on the blink can put a serious damper on dinner. Don't worry, the experts at S & S Appliance understand the importance of a functioning stove and offer the quick service you need to get back up and running. Our team will efficiently diagnose and address the issue, getting your stove back in working order as quickly as possible, allowing you to get back to being the master chef you are - usually during our initial visit!


Ranges are the workhorses of the kitchen, combining the power of an oven and a cooktop. When yours starts acting up, it can feel like a major setback. No need to worry! S & S Appliance has your back. Our skilled technicians can address any problems that arise in various range types, from electric to gas and even modern induction models - and use the latest technology and training to diagnose the issue efficiently and ensure your range is back in top condition, ready to tackle any recipe with ease.


Let's face it, handwashing dishes is a chore. That's why dishwashers are such a lifesaver. But when yours malfunctions, it can disrupt your daily routine. The good news is, S & S Appliance is here to help. Our certified technicians are experts at diagnosing and fixing dishwasher problems of any shape and size - we'll get your dishwasher sparkling clean and back in action quickly.

Washing Machines

A broken washing machine can be a real hassle, especially for families with overflowing laundry baskets. Don't let this slow you down! S & S Appliance has a team of certified technicians who are experts at fixing all major washing machine brands. Whether it’s a household unit or a commercial machine, our team has the tools, technology and skills to diagnose the issue swiftly and ensure your washer is back to spinning clean clothes in no time - most times during the first visit!


Sun-dried clothes have a certain charm, but sometimes you just need the convenience of a dryer, especially when the weather doesn't cooperate. However, a malfunctioning dryer can leave you with a pile of damp laundry and a sense of frustration. The S & S Appliance team is here to help! Our technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to diagnose and fix dryer issues efficiently, getting your clothes dry and ready to wear quickly. In most cases, we can even repair your dryer during the first visit.

Microwave Ovens

Microwaves are modern marvels, perfect for reheating leftovers or whipping up a quick meal. But a broken microwave can disrupt your day. No worries! . S & S Appliance provides trusted repairs for various microwave types, including over-the-range, built-in, and countertop. Our experienced technicians will diagnose and fix the problem efficiently, ensuring your microwave is back in service in a flash. In the rare case we can’t get you up and running during our first visit, our parts department will get you exactly what you need, warranty-backed, and schedule a follow-up appointment before you know it.

Ice Machines

For businesses in the service industry, a broken ice machine can be a significant issue. Lost revenue? Not something we want to see! The S & S Appliance team is here to offer prompt repairs to get your ice machine back up and running quickly. Our highly trained technicians can diagnose the problem and fix it efficiently, minimizing downtime for your business. Our mobile warehouses arrive on site with the latest in tech and tools to get your ice machine going - usually during the first visit!


Cooktops are the heart of your kitchen, used for everything from boiling pasta to searing steaks - and given how frequently they’re used, it is a wonder how rarely they usually break down! But when it does happen, a malfunctioning cooktop can put a serious damper on your culinary creations. The good news is, S & S Appliance has you covered. Our skilled technicians are trained to repair all cooktop types, regardless of make, age or technology - ensuring your meals go from prep to plate without a hitch.


After more than six decades of experience troubleshooting and repairing more makes and models than we can count, we’ve earned our reputation as a capable, trusted, industry-leading appliance service provider. We make it a point to stay trained up and ready to service any piece of equipment we come across! Here are some of the brands we work with each and every day.

Our company is part of the Whirlpool Factory Certified Care Network, a premier group of the nation’s top service providers. While this affiliation ensures that our highly-experienced technicians are factory-trained and certified, we also work with top manufacturers outside of the Whirlpool family of brands, so whatever appliance is giving you trouble, give us a call – we can help!